January 28, 2023

Cimavax where to buy


CimaVax is not available in the UK at the moment. It has been approved in Cuba and is currently used in the hospitals there. There are trial plans for other nations and will commence in the United States in the later parts of 2015 or in first quarter of 2016. The trials need to achieve positive results before the vaccine will become available worldwide, according to the Cancer Research UK.

The vaccine will soon be available for the Americans after President Barrack Obama suspended the restrictions on the Cuban research and medical equipment.

CimaVax-EGF is the first therapeutic vaccine produced against history lung cancer has received approval for the Cuban market. The drug took 25 years to develop by specialists at Molecular Immunology Center of Havana. The preparation is an analog of epidermal growth factor, a factor necessary for the spread and growth of cancer cells. When the drug is applied, the immune system of the body begins to attack cells which produce EGF thus reducing significantly the growth of tumor.

The drug may not be successful in preventing the disease but will improve the conditions of patients who are critically ill. Treatment using the Cimavax-EGF is recommended for patients who have gone through radiation or chemotherapy and without therapeutic alternative are considered terminal. The vaccine helps in controlling the growth of tumor without associated toxicity and will increase the quality of life and life expectancy of patients having these tumors.

The CimaVax-EGF vaccine was approved in Cuba for clinical use for persons with the 3rd and 4th stage cancer who did not encounter any positive result with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The patients in hospitals in Cuba receive the drugs for free.

In the Caribbean island, lung cancer takes the live of up to 20,000 persons yearly. This disease is a major cause of death in 12 of the 15 provinces of Cuba.

n spite of new drugs, lung cancer is associated with a very poor prognosis. While targeted therapies are improving outcomes, it is not uncommon for many patients to have only a partial response, and relapse during follow-up. Thus, new drugs or re-evaluation of existing therapies used to treat other non-malignant diseases (drug repurposing) are still needed. While this research both in vitro and in vivo is being carried out, it is important to be attentive to patients where the disease responds to treatments not considered standard in clinical practice. We report here a patient with adenocarcinoma of the lung who, after declining chemotherapy and radiotherapy, presented with tumour response following self-administration of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound present in Cannabis sativa. Prior work has shown that cannabidiol may have anti-neoplastic properties and enhance the immune response to cancer. The data presented here indicate that cannabidiol might have led to a striking response in a patient with lung cancer.

Cannabidiol (CBD) crystals, or CBD isolate, are the pure form of CBD, which is a compound from the cannabis plant.

CBD is one of many cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis plants. Other than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is the most abundant compound, and it has numerous potential health benefits.

Pure CBD crystals, or isolate, is the pure form of CBD. Other types of CBD include broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD. These forms contain low levels of various other cannabinoids, such as THC. They may also contain terpenes, which give many plants their scent.

CBD crystals only contain CBD.

There are multiple ways of extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, including steam distillation, carbon dioxide extraction, and solvent extraction.

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  1. I have a question about cimavax. Can someone with lung cancer who is not from Cuba go to Cuba and receive cimavax treatment, or bring back the cimavax vaccine to their own country(Canada)? If so, do you have any idea of the price?

    1. I read a Havana news article p, as I was researching Cimavax, that the hospital that uses this treatment is registered with tourism. So maybe a US citizen can go be treated there. If you find out…please post.

  2. Sorry, I just sent a question, and I’m not sure it got through. My question is about Cimavax. Can someone with lung cancer who is from Canada go to Cuba and receive Cimavax treatment, or bring back Cimavax back to Canada? If so, do you have any idea of how much it would cost to do this?

    1. Hello Robert , you bought Cimavax? Sorry, I do not know well English. I am in Moldova and in November we have to fly in Paraguay to buy Cimavax for a friend . If you are interested in , write response

      1. Hi I would really like to find out if you get Cimavax in Paraguay please let me know if there is any chance to get it anywhere thanks

  3. I live in Canada. I have a good family friend that has cancer that is affecting his liver and stomach area. He is in stage 4. He has had surgeries and chemo. Would Cimavax work on his type of cancer? As you claim the vaccine helps in controlling the growth of tumor without associated toxicity and will increase the quality of life and life expectancy of patients having these tumors. His ability to fight his cancer has stopped as his immune system can not slow the growth of the cancer cells. Could you imagine the possibilities if this drug worked on many different types of cancer. Although he is in stage 4 he is still very strong in body and mind. He would be willing to test this drug on his type of cancer. Please let me know at your swiftest convenience his situation is fast moving.

    1. it is not a over counter medicine. its only for intrahospital usage and under licensed supervision

  4. I’ve just listened to a radio programme on CIMAvax it sounds like patients from abroad can go to Cuba and get the treatment and they provide you with additional doses of the vaccine which you take home with you as they need to be injected regularly – from what they say it is quite straight forward – you would need to contact the Havana Clinic direct to get the proper info. here is the link to the radio programme

  5. cimavax o vaxira , both vaccines are for lung cancer stage III and IV.
    both are giving satisfactory results and many international patients around the world are coming cuba for treatment for induction phase and take rest of dosages and maintaince phase dosages with them. its only availble in cuba and treatment is intrahospitalary. the medical case need to be processed before treatment and arrival to cuba. the treatment is not very costly and highly effective and is around 6000 to 7000 cuc (1 cuc is 1.08 USD). this include hospital charges , room accomodation , food, airport pickup and drop and vacine prices for 2 months dosage. stay is avergae 4 to 5 days.
    Apart from lung cancer , many international patients comes for diabetic foot ulcer treatment with a wonder drug HEBERPROT , made by cuban scientist and usage of heberprot had reduced the amputations.
    contact for any inquiry

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m inquiring on behalf of a friend, whose father has just been diagnosed in early stage lung cancer. He has not undergone any medical treatment yet, and he lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    They have heard of the CimaVAX EFG vaccine treatment, and would like to know if he is suitable for such treatment. Kindly advise the procedure and costs involved and what need to be prepared in advance.

    Hope to get a reply from you soonest.

    Thanks and regards

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