March 24, 2023

Rumoquin NF Side Effects

Rumoquin NF is a drug which is usually used to relieve pain.  Like all drugs, Rumoquin NF has side effects.  Before we describe the possible effects that taking the drug can have, let’s learn about why people use the drug.

The main reason for prescribing or taking Rumoquin NF is obviously not the side effects in can have on a patient.  The drug is a pain reliever.  Many patients with good things to say about Rumoquin NF have taken the drug for arthritis, back pain, knee and joint aches, and for just about any other reason when your body is hurting or in pain.  Rumoquin NF is said to have a steroid in it which helps the body get stronger, but like all drugs and pain relievers, most patients want to know about the side effects of the pill.


While the risks and side effects of taking any drug can only be listed from data taken in trial runs, a patient should always be aware that the list of side-effects may not be complete and other side-effects could occur and be discovered years later.

  • Expanding Blind Spot: While not highly likely, an expanding blind spot is one of the side-effects named for Rumoquin NF.  Your vision is linear and your blond spot is at the corner of the eye, this is the section, if side effects occur, that will begin to lose action first.  Some reviews have reported that the action reverses when medication is no longer taken.
  • Weight Gain: Patients in trail runs have had side effects of weight gain while on Rumoquin NF.  While weight gain is a common side effect for many pills, some patients have experience the exact opposite side effect.
  • Drowsiness:  Sleepiness and reports of being extremely tired have surfaced about Rumoquin NF.  Again, drowsiness is a common side effect of many pills.
  • Irritability:  Some patients and Rumoquin NF takers have experienced large shifts or waves of tempers and attitudes.  The side effect stems from the core of the drug, which contain in part a steroid.
  • Nausea:  The most common of side effects, nausea, usually occurs in many patients whom do not handle medicine well.  Whether it’s a steroid direct effect or the cause and effect of another ingredient in Rumoquin NF, many patients are allergic or their body just can’t handle the drug.

Be sure to consult a doctor as your case is most certainly different and side effects vary from case to case with Rumoquin NF.

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