January 28, 2023

THC Edibles

Negative mug risks due to impaired driving. Even though legalization is not far off, the safest way to consume cannabis is still the safest — sober. So even with the new legal framework in place, the question of how to consume cannabis is ahead of us. Since the majority of cannabis consumption takes place in public (86%), so it is exciting to see industry developments out in the open about sharing public spaces and sharing with friends.

The North American market is beginning to embrace technology for enhanced experiences to redefine how consumers can engage with cannabis. Mobile apps and other tech-enhanced methods are emerging to adapt to the new accessible social market and to embrace new users, making our life easier. One of the first use cases to demonstrate the adaptability of technology to social consumption is staying up-to-date on new edibles that can change our consumption patterns from smoking to vaping. Products like SolPulse with 90% less caffeine come to mind, combining THC edibles while staying awake without the added crash.

New products will be introduced slowly to burnish the market share, ensuring products are of high quality and consistent potency, with safety measures in place. As the industry matures, mind-mapping our patterns (watching out for new edibles with lower or no THC) will become increasingly important to stay efficient, consistent and safe to consume cannabis. A tool to keep tabs on THC content is emerging via the THC Smartphone app from CannaClouds. This enables users to calculate their expected THC content with traceability of THC content nationwide.

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