January 28, 2023

What Is A Dilute Drug Test?

Have you ever received a drug test result that said dilute? Applicants and employees who know they are going to test positive may attempt to tamper with their sample to pass the test. The most common way of doing this is by diluting their urine, leading to a dilute drug test result.

Diluting urine means that the donor drinks a significant quantity of water before providing the urine sample. Because drinking too much water will lead to an enormous urinary output, along with other health complications (e.g., death), it is not uncommon for donors to use diuretics (substances that increase urination) like caffeine or herbal products containing dandelion root or buchu leaves.

If the donor is unable to provide any urine at all, this will also lead to a dilute drug test result. This can be achieved by simply not providing the urine sample or by placing someone else’s clean urine into an existing collection cup. If caught, both donors face serious sanctions that may include losing their job and criminal charges in some cases .

How Does A Diluted Drug Test Look Like?

A diluted sample looks much like any other normal-colored specimen when observed under the microscope. However, there are tests available which can detect diluted specimens (see below). These tests use different wavelengths than those used for most drugs of abuse tests to look for substances in the urine which cannot be found when it has been diluted.

This test is usually done because the lab has reason to believe that a donor tried to cheat a drug test. For example, a previous sample from the same donor was positive, but this time it looks diluted. Or the donor claims that he drank much water before providing the urine sample and therefore believes his sample should be accepted despite it looking dilute. The laboratory can easily spot these attempts using such advanced tests for detecting diluted specimens .

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